We are a supplier of chemical and
petrochemical products made in Iran with
notable experience and expertise in this industry
in addition We are a well-known, reliable
company with stable service and satisfactory.

Our goal is to produce and supply high quality
and reliable products. Our effort to satisfy
customers is due to providing professional sales
and technical services and supports.

To achieve this goal, our producers use
advanced equipment and modern technology and
seek how to improve production methodology.

According to the technical knowledge and
specialized services we have in the field of
refinery and chemistry, we are able to provide
appropriate answers to your basic needs in the
production and supply chain of raw materials for
your products.

In addition, we are obliged to protect the
environment and reduce air, water and soil
pollution towards the petrochemical industry
activists in our society.

In the end, our ultimate goal is to establish a
long-term relationship with you by providing
excellent service.

thanks for your attention.